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July 2016 NEWSLETTER    Archive Newsletters Here

Another ½ year has gone by and still so many things to talk about and do. This year seems to be “flying” by so fast.
We are having a hard time distinguishing one day from the next.

We are experiencing major weather changes, cool weather moving into late April early May then suddenly the
temperatures changes to warmer weather and WOW full blown summer was here by the 21st, and now we are in
the monsoonal season, with mud, hail and wind everywhere.

Poor potbelly pigs are not sure what to expect from minute to minute. We have lost several of the older ones this spring to pneumonia and just plain old age. It saddens me to know that weather has been a major factor in their “Crossing to Rainbow Bridge”. We have several on daily medications and still using a lot of straw in their huts at night to block the weather changes.

There have been some “Major” changes at the Pig-A-Sus. Some we like some we don’t. We still have not gotten an insurance policy that we can afford for the “Public to visit” and enter act with the potbelly pigs, which they miss terribly.

We have several young one that have been just abandoned and that is sad. Like many other people in rescue and sanctuary care, I have begun to realize just how many of these potbelly pigs, may actually out live me! That is not a pleasant thought.

We have set a plan into action that we will help and do our best to help you place your pet in another home if the potbelly pig is 6 or younger. If 7 or older, we will see if we have a place for them, but depending on how many we already have, that may not even be a possibility. Owners have to realize that most Sanctuaries and Rescues have no one to pick up the “Job” if something happens to the person in (s) in charge. This is an extremely hard and 24/7 job, plus the added “Stress” of telling someone that you cannot take their beloved pet, makes it even more difficult.

One of the things we are trying to “Stress” to the new
potbelly pig owner is, have a FULL LIFE PLAN IN ORDER” for your pet, in case of accidents, job loss and more important, “ If your MINI PIG grows to 125-150 Pounds” have a solution that includes, Not “Dumping On a Rescue.” Some of this sounds really harsh for the loving potbelly pig owner, but reading it may give you a “reality check” and lots of extended time for your precious pet to enjoy his life. Their life style is lots of love, lots of green grass, lots of food and most of all LOTS of Belly Rubs.
They are your companion and faithful friend and pet for a life time regardless of issues.

We are looking for several things for donations. Please visit the Donations Page.

We are going to start exercising a plan that we have not been using. If we are contacted about placement of your pet.
Please make sure that all the medical is up to date and that will include spay and neutered. Those items have gotten
terribly expensive (apx 500.00) to do spay’s and (300.00) to do neuter’s and since we are not receiving donations like we
would like, we cannot afford to take care of this problem, and believe me many calls come from not spaying and neutering your
pet when it is young. The older or bigger it is the more the cost and sometimes especially in the spaying department, you have
given your pet a “death Sentence” by not spaying her at a young age (5/6 months Under 50 pounds). Normal care for the potbelly
pig male or female spayed or neutered WITHOUT any emergency or added illness is 450/500 per animal per year, and with 60 animals that is a “BIG OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE”, We have been very fortunate to have had good jobs and raise our own crops for feeding, but our leased fields and possible added expense may take away our crops production. At retail we cannot afford more animals to care for. We will be able to maintain with the numbers that we have right now for a couple more years hopefully, but this is something to consider.

We have NO Volunteers at this time. So this means cut back work hours to care for the animals, plus the fact that the utilities
for them are extremely high (last month’s water bill example 457.00) that is the amount to care for 1 potbelly pig all year and
we still have 4 more months of summer.

With the insurance the way that it is, we cannot even do our “Yearly Fundraisers” which many people would turn out for. It is
very frustrating because so many places still consider the potbelly pig “Livestock” and cities will not allow them or HOA’S
included also. “A Pet is a Pet, no matter the breed” and it is up to us to make governing bodies understand that.

This leads me to another “Situation” at the Pig-A-Sus. The number of years in rescue is 22+ and it has taken a toll on my
body along with 14/16 hour days working in Oil field and farm & Ranch.

We will closed from July 1, 2016 to September 15, 2016, unless there are complications from several projects for the summer,
We will not be able to have “drop-in’s, or at this time take more potbelly pigs. Please understand our situation.

Have a Happy 4th of July, make sure that your potbelly pig is inside a shelter or home with you, during the fireworks displays,
lots of water for the summer heat, more needed a “swimming pool” to keep them cool.

We will still maintain our “Emergency Line” for problems, but do remember we are not “Veterinarian’s” we can only speak from our hands on experience, so please find a Veterinarian in our area or see our print out for Colorado Vet and state by state listing.

Enjoy your summer with your pet and remember daily that your POTBELLY PIG, is not only a pet, but a FAMILY MEMBER ALSO, Treat them like one…

                                                                      Sioux, Rocky and all
                                            “Critters at the Pig-A-Sus Homestead Sanctuary”
                                                 Merry Christmas to all and to all good night



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